Top 5 Search Terms

One of the cool things about being a blogger is that you get to see how people end up at your site. This little slice of the blogosphere is no exception. I get to see everything that people type in their search bars that directs them to my blog. Some of these search times are pretty obvious for how they are directed here – anything involving Jersey Shore, a combination of Chris Christie and any expletive, and the phrase “Armpit of America.” But there are some search terms that are just plain funny.

Some of these terms have only showed up once or twice. Others, like #5, are much more popular. So this list is a combination of both the most popular search terms and those I’ve found most unique.  Enjoy!

1) “assholes with loud mufflers” – Is anyone surprised that someone searching for “assholes with loud mufflers” would end up on a site about New Jersey?

2) “bon jovi wallpaper” – Not sure if they mean wallpaper for the computer or for an actual wall. And quite frankly, I don’t care to know.

3) “armpit fetish” – Apparently, if your site has the word armpit a couple hundred times and the word fetish just once, your site will be flooded by armpit fetishists.

4) “real giant spiders” – This one really threw me for a loop. Need I say more?

5) “j-woww tits” – By far, this is the search term that brings the most people to It’s not unusual for about 20% of hits to my blog to be from people searching for those things. So to keep you all coming back, I’ll give you more of what you’ve asked for: j-woww tits.

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