Jersey Devil Wine!

The other night I tried Jersey Devil Honey Wine, produced by the Valenzano Winery located in Shamong, New Jersey.  While I never heard of the town before, apparently it’s located in the Pine Barrens, birthplace of the Jersey Devil, hence the name of the wine. As you can see in the (horrible) pic below, it has probably the coolest looking label ever, with the Armpit of America’s most famous monster (sorry, Snooki) surrounded by bees.

I know we’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but I’m totally judging this bottle of wine by the label.  With the fricken Jersey Devil AND bees, how could it not be bad?

So how did does it taste?  Well, it’s thick as syrup and cloyingly sweet….which is exactly how this connoisseur of fine wine likes it.  Just like the Manischewitz wine I grew up with.

So if you like wine that tastes like extra sweet grape juice with a touch of honey, give Valenzano Jersey Devil Honey Wine a try.  They also make a bunch of other wines, inspired by the fruits of the Pine Barrens, like blueberry wine, cranberry wine, and even “cranpagne.”

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2 Comments on “Jersey Devil Wine!”

  1. Geraldo Says:

    You forgot to mention that this wine could make good pancake-syrup as well…Oh, I forgot, do people even know how to make pancakes here in “Joisey” (unless they are breakfast-chefs)?

    • Mike Gibson Says:

      Why wouldnt people know how to make pancakes?… You either use bisquick or a premixed dry box. I like sprinkling chocolate chips in the batter. Kids love em. Any left over goes in the freezer and when its time, just pop em in the toaster. I like the idea of using the jersey devil wine as syrup as opposed to Monin syrups typically used for coffees. Merry Christmas 12-23-2012

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