My Halloweekend

I have a big Halloween surprise for all of you. Let’s just say it involves Snooki and a pumpkin. I’ll try to get it out by the weekend.

But for now, I’ll just talk what I did this past weekend. We had long planned to get a big group together to go to Jenks down in Point Pleasant. Though usually guido central, Jenks is actually pretty fun on Halloween. So, while that was the plan on Saturday, we wanted to stay local and go somewhere in Belmar on Friday.

Though no one else was really dressing up on Friday, I wanted to resurrect a costume I did a couple years ago: a goth/emo/hipster guy, black nail polish and guy-liner included. After getting dressed, I was told that my jeans were too baggy. My wonderful girlfriend then offered up her pants. Miraculously, I managed to fit into them. Though I felt uncomfortable wearing a wig, make-up, and FEMALE JEANS, I think the costume came out pretty good:

We ended up going to the Boathouse. Though I hoped to see more people in costume (so I would stand out less), it was still a good time. On the way back to the apartment, we stopped at Jimi’s Main Street Cheesesteaks. It was my first time eating there, and the food was amazing.

After a late night, I took my girl pants off and passed out. The next morning, I was woken up by the doorbell. I went to answer it and was greeted by Belmar’s Republican mayoral candidate and the two potential town council members. They reached out their hands to shake mine, and I saw that I still had my black nail polish on. As the candidates talked about who knows what, I realized I still had my guy-liner on. A republican was trying to a convince a guy with nail polish and eyeliner to vote for him. Ha.

Anyway, that night, we had planned to go to Jenks and meet up with a bunch of people. But since a most people canceled, we decided to stay local again and headed back to the Boathouse. They were having a costume contest, where the couple with the best costumes would win two bikes. When we got there, the place was pretty empty, and most people weren’t even in costumes. Though not too confident, I thought my girlfriend and I, dressed as garden gnomes, would have a real shot at winning.

Around midnight, it was time to reveal the winners. The guy from the band announced the 4th place winner: “The Coppertone Girl,” a girl wearing a body suit with panties being pulled down by a stuffed dog. It was a pretty clever costume and a well deserved win. For 3rd place, it was “Beer Bottle Guy,” who just wore a store-bought costume of a beer bottle. Ugh. I don’t think a prefabricated costume should ever win a costume contest. How can you reward someone who buys something and gets dressed, rather than someone who puts time and thought and creativity into a costume? Whatever.

Second place went to the “Avatar Girls,” two girls dressed as characters from that movie. (I’ve never seen it so I don’t know who they were; one was blue and the other had antlers.) Anyway, I thought these two would be a shoe-in for the top prize, but they weren’t. So was there a chance a couple of garden gnomes could win?


The winning couple were the two “Scuba Girls.” What an effin travesty. These “Scuba Girls” were just two girls wearing wetsuits. And that’s all it took to win the grand prize of a costume contest. Now, I could understand if they were hot – who wouldn’t vote for two hot girls in wetsuits. But these girls were nothing special. Just two average girls wearing scuba gear.

What makes this even worse is that they won the Best Couple award. I think a Best Couple award should go to people whose costumes complement each other, not two of the same exact thing. Let’s say one of those girls dressed in scuba gear, and the other dressed as a shark. That would be more respectable. But how can you reward people for putting on wetsuits when you had one Avatar girl painting her whole body blue, while the other had friggin antlers on her forehead?

Now, I’m not just bitter because I didn’t win anything. Our costumes were good, but I can’t say we should have won the grand prize. That should have gone to the Avatar Girls. I also thought the tall, blonde sexy cop with the prisoner should have won something. And it wasn’t just me complaining. During a trip to the bathroom, three other guys there were saying they couldn’t believe those dumb Scuba Girls won.

Okay, enough bitching. After leaving the Boathouse, we again stopped off for some cheesesteaks. I really hope that doesn’t become a weekly or nightly habit, or else I might not fit into my girlfriend’s jeans ever again.

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