The Governor’s Race: A Post-Mortem

Last night, 49% of New Jersey voters decided to make Chris Christie governor of the Garden State. I can’t say I’m that surprised, and I’m honestly not that disappointed. Chris Daggett was too much of a long shot to have serious chance of winning. So Chris Christie would have been my second choice. Besides, anyone would be better than Jon Corzine.

Should Daggett have been elected, it certainly would have shaken things up. However, once the news of a third-party candidate winning the governorship of New Jersey would die down, Daggett would have been left with plenty of responsibilities on his plate. Who knows what he’d be like as governor. At least with Chris Christie, we can expect the same nonsense that we’ve come to expect from our politicians in New Jersey.


Governor-Elect Chris Christie proving he can count to three. Photo taken by David Gard for the Star Ledger.

I recently read an article (which I regretfully can’t find/give the author credit) comparing the state of New Jersey politics with fans of the Boston Red Sox. Red Sox fans were so used to their team losing that their hope for the team that never made the grade became the essence of their identity. But, when the Red Sox finally won the World Series in 2004 after a long drought, the fans didn’t have to hope anymore. They no longer had to be disappointed in their team. Once this happened, those Boston fans lost their identity – they could no longer be the sympathy-inducing underdog-loving fans they once were. Rather than hoping for the best but always knowing disappointment was right around the corner, they now expect their team to be on top all the time.

The same would be the case for New Jersey, should we actually have a good, honest politician in charge. The state is known the world over for its corrupt leaders. New Jersey is the butt of many jokes, and we even make fun of ourselves for the corruption running wild throughout our state. Yet, we continue to elect these jokers into office every chance we get. If New Jersey had scandal-free politicians, then we would certainly lose a part of our identity.

With the election of Chris Christie, New Jersey is guaranteed to keep its status as the Armpit of America for at least another four years. While it might not be good for the state, at least I’ll have plenty of things to blog about.

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