The Weekend Before Presidents Day Weekend in Atlantic City

Wordpress won't let me put up any pictures of the event. Perhaps that's for the best....

It’s been far too long since I’ve written about one of my escapades in Atlantic City.  Well that drought is gonna end right now.

My latest trip was over a month and a half ago, but I have good reason for not writing about it until now.  You see, that last visit was for a bachelor party.  Now that the couple is happily married and have returned from their honeymoon, I figure this entry will do the least amount of damage to their marriage.

That fateful night began the same way any trip to AC does: taking the long ride down the Garden State Parkway to the Armpit of America’s city of sin.  This time, I was going to the Tropicana, Atlantic City’s Cuban-themed hotel and casino.  Its interior is made up of cobblestone flooring, an artificial blue sky ceiling, and a bunch of high-end, expensive clothing stores – just like the real Havana!

After arriving, I met up with the rest of the group.  Being the most familiar with AC, they asked where I thought we should eat.  This being a bachelor party and all, I suggested Hooters, which seemed to please everyone.  Admittedly, I had never been to a Hooters before, so I was pretty excited about going.

It turned out to be such a let down.  I was always under the impression that the waitresses were supposed to be all flirty and everything.  Ours turned out to be a dud.  Looks-wise, I’d say she was slightly above average.  Personality-wise?  Total failure.  As for the food, that was just as disappointing.  But the beer was good.

After that not-so-great meal, we hit the casino.  After playing roulette for an hour, I decided to stop when I was up $40.  Though that isn’t much, it’s a lot better than being down, which is usually the case.  When we were all done gambling, we went to Ri Ra, Tropicana’s version of an Irish pub.  Yes, there’s an Irish pub at a Cuban-themed resort.  Despite being out of place, Ri Ra is a fun bar and has been the site of many of my drunken nights of debauchery.

After we all got pretty sauced, it was time to go to the strip club.  I would write more, but my mind is drawing a complete blank as to what went down there.  And if you don’t buy that excuse, I’ll be honest.  We all smoked cigars and sipped brandy and discussed foreign policy into the wee hours of the night.  Wink.

We somehow got back to the hotel room and crashed.  A few hours later, I woke up and, against my better judgment, went down to do some gambling.  And I lost some money.  But it wouldn’t be a standard trip to Atlantic City if I didn’t lose a big chunk of my wallet.  So I left for home a little poorer, but it was still a great time and a great bachelor party.

I think I’m well overdue for another trip to Atlantic City.  When that does happen, you can read all about those adventures right here.

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