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Jersey City Pimpin’

May 23, 2010

Photo by Margaret Schmidt/The Jersey Journal

My goal in writing this blog has always been to show New Jersey in a more positive light, compared to its dreadful reputation. By showing how New Jersey is better than other states, highlighting places of interest, and even finding the humor in the train wreck known as “Jersey Shore,” I hope that I have helped make people’s views of the state a little better. Sometimes, however, my mission is made much more difficult. No matter how great New Jersey can be, there are certain instances that ensure the state holds onto its status as the Armpit of America.

Take this story about a Jersey City pimp, running his business out of an apartment in Society Hill. As I know two people who live in that development, this story really hits close to home. Well, I guess it hits a lot closer to their home than mine.

Anyway, the pimp, who goes by the name “Prince,” was recently sentenced to 18 years in jail. His charges include kidnapping women, some as young as 17, and forcing them into prostitution. And what if one of those young ladies didn’t want to be a prostitute? Mr. Prince would tie her up to a bed and force her to take heroin until she became addicted. And the only way she could feed that addiction would be to sell herself and get the drug in return.

As if this story wasn’t crazy enough, Prince even had his mother in on the business. And his sister tried to defend him by claiming that he wasn’t a pimp at all. According to her, he ran a prostitution rehabilitation center, helping those girls get back into society. She also said how he bought one girl a computer, and now that former prostitute is working at a hospital in south Jersey. Remind me never to get sick in New Jersey’s nether region. (more…)