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3rd of July, Waterfront Park

July 12, 2010

Surprisingly, the Delaware River didn't catch on fire.

Any regular reader of this blog knows that most of my entries revolve around either the Jersey Shore or New Brunswick, the two parts of the Armpit of America where I spend most of my time.  Well, having a girlfriend who lives in the Princeton area, and having worked there a couple years, I have spent plenty of time on New Jersey’s west coast as well.  And, rather than spending the 4th of July weekend at the Jersey shore with millions of other people, we spent the holiday on the shore of the Delaware River.  (I’m sure you’re all jealous.)

Anyway, on the night of July 3rd, we planned to go to the bar Katmandu in Trenton, which is essentially a poor man’s version of Bar A (and will get a more detailed write-up in a future posting).  We had hoped to get a good view of the fireworks show at nearby Waterfront Park, the minor league baseball stadium where the Trenton Thunder play.

We arrived at the bar, which was completely deserted (almost everyone in the whole state must have been at the shore).  Upon going to the outdoor deck, we realized that we wouldn’t be able to see the fireworks from there.  So, we decided to leave the bar and just walk towards the stadium.

We eventually came to this archway, which led to some steps going down to the river.  Although you’d generally want to avoid poorly lit areas like this, especially when in a shady city like Trenton, one member of our group was brave enough to go down the steps and onto the dock.  The rest of us soon followed onto this huge floating dock in the Delaware.  We then realized the dock gave us a perfect view of the stadium.

Well this looks perfectly safe...

So we watched the fireworks show, which was pretty short.  But who cares?  Getting to that spot was an adventure in itself.  As for the moral of the story?  Though your gut may tell you differently, if you ever encounter a dark passageway in a shit-hole city like Trenton, take it; you never know where it might lead…

In Case You Didn’t Know, NJ is Corrupt

March 14, 2010

In light of all the drama going on with the political landscape in New York, Newsweek recently put together a list of the most corrupt states in the country.  This should be no surprise to anyone, but New Jersey made this elite list of seven states.  Newsweek’s Andrew Romano, who hails from the Armpit of America, wrote a very nice summary of our state’s tendency to put only the most disgraceful politicians in office.

Romano discusses New Jersey’s first colonial governor, Lord Cornbury.  Aside from the funny name, Lord Cornbury was a nepotistic, bribe-taking cross-dresser.  Romano also mentions that gay sex scandal involving former governor Jim McGreevey.  The author then touches on the FBI bust that caught a group of rabbis and state officials trafficking human organs and fake Gucci purses.  Yes, you read that correctly.

I suggest reading the whole article to get an even broader sense of the level of corruption that has always plagued the Armpit of America.  Though the other states in the article (New York, Louisiana, Illinois, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Ohio) may be corrupt, none can top my beloved New Jersey.