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No Gay Marriage in the Armpit of America

January 7, 2010

Today, the New Jersey State Legislature finally had their vote on whether same-sex marriage should be allowed in the Armpit of America.  And the result was a disappointing “no.”  This result was pretty much expected, but it’s still upsetting that the state squandered this chance to do something revolutionary and long overdue.

Like I said the first time I wrote about this subject, my life will go on as normal.  But, for our Garden State gays and lovely lesbians, things are pretty bad.  Our government just denied them a right to marry who they love.  My sincerest condolences to those whose dreams were crushed today.

One picture that has been plastered all over the media features a man with a sign saying, “‘NO GAY MARRIAGE’ – GOD!”  Yes, I’m sure God’s priority is to keep two men or two women from getting the rights that any straight couple can get.  That and making sure Snooki from “Jersey Shore” is okay.

So does that mean that God is okay with a man and a woman getting drunk in Vegas and getting married?  Why should that be allowed?  Half of all marriages end in divorce anyway, so why can’t everyone have the opportunity to take that 50% chance of spending the rest of their life married to someone they love?  I think God would be pretty upset that a group of 20 state senators denied thousands of people a basic human right.

Today, 20 state senators voted against equality.  Today, New Jersey got a little less fabulous.