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Top 10 Blog Posts from 2019!

December 27, 2019

It’s the end of the year, which means nearly every website will have some kind of listicle recapping the year that was. (By the way, how is WordPress still flagging “listicle” as a spelling error in 2019?!) In my early days of blogging, I’d routinely participate in this annoying habit and share my personal favorite posts from throughout the year each December.

While my posting has been pretty sparse for the last few years, I thought I’d resurrect this feature for 2019. Though it was a bit difficult given the meager quantity of posts from the past year, I gave it my best shot. Here it is!

Top 10 hanging letters over orange background

1) Best Post for Getting in the Halloween Spirit

There are plenty of scary things in New Jersey – the traffic, our sky-high property taxes, Teresa Giudice, etc. But one of the scariest things I ever experienced was staying in a creepy cabin in the Pine Barrens! Read all about the trip here!

2) Best Post about Central Jersey

Does Central Jersey exist? This centuries-old debate has finally come to an end, as New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy officially declared its existence! Check out my thoughts on this meaningful yet totally unnecessary declaration! (more…)

I Stayed in a Creepy Cabin in the Pine Barrens

October 27, 2019

The Pine Barrens cover a large swath of South Jersey and are home to lots of pine trees, pineys (the locals), and some unique wildlife found nowhere else in the Armpit of America. It’s also the stomping grounds of the Jersey Devil – the one of mythological fame, not Chris Christie (anyone remember him?). And there are several creepy cabins you can rent there, too!

So against better judgement, we decided to rent one of these cabins with no TV, no heat, and barest of bones furnishings with an almost-three-year-old. While it was nice to get away from it all, it was pretty damn creepy. Even the drive to get there, passing several trailer parks filled with the aforementioned pineys on dusty, desolate roads was unsettling.

road to cabin

But the creepy factor really set it once we got to what was described as a charming, rustic cabin. I mean look at this thing. Is that not straight out of every horror movie that takes place in a cabin?

Cabin front